To upload images and text into Animoto, you need to make a folder on your desktop from which you will pull your files. Do this now.

Tip #1:

To find "copyleft" images that can be used in the creation of Wikis and other media that will go on-line, use some of the links below:
Stock Exchange: A site I often use as the you can search by theme or by designer.
The Morgue Files: A morbid name but this site is filled with high-resolution, striking images.
Creative Commons: "Open Source" media available here... not just for images.
Flickr-The Commons: A great source for photographs that are part of the historical record and acceptable to use.

Tip #2:

Although you can add text using Animoto's features, you can also easily create customized text images by using PowerPoint to create the slides you want. When finished, click "Save As" and choose .jpeg file type. This will make images that you can then upload like any other image file.
  • Think about contrast. I recommend a dark background with light lettering.
  • Fonts matter. Pick highly "readable" fonts that fit the mood of your presentation.
  • "Stay away from the edges" when making PowerPoint slides. Animoto will cut your words off if they run toward the borders.
  • Be much text can we read in one second?
  • I always load my text slides twice. "Doubling up" ensures that the slides can be read no matter what transition Animoto uses.

Tip # 3

You can also upload up to 10 seconds of a YouTube clip into your Animoto presentation. First, you need to convert the YouTube clip into a "mov" file and save it to your desktop. Use Zamzar to help you.